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Take digital transformation to the next level with COSI, LuxTrust’s innovative electronic signature platform. This top-notch solution enables all businesses, regardless their size or complexity, to digitize their processes and meet authorities and administrations’ legal requests to electronically sign, seal and time stamp documents.

With COSI, businesses can sign and deliver legally-binding documents in a matter of minutes, on any device and from any part of the organisation or even the world.

E-signature at the core of your business operations

COSI optimises signing procedures, lowering costs and saving you time at the same time. This is possible thanks to electronic signature, which makes preparing and signing documents an easy and enjoyable process for every party involved: colleagues, superiors, clients, service providers or business partners. Why should the electronic signature become an integral part of your processes?

Rinforces efficiency
operational costs
More secure than
the paper one
Saves times

Create and manage
your end-to-end digital workflows

COSI is LuxTrust’s versatile solution that enables you to digitize internal and external recurrent actions (such as signing internal validations, contracts, and reports), giving you the possibility to create your own workflows either from scratch or predefined models. What are COSI’s main features?


COSI works as a standalone solution, but is also designed to fit into and leverage any organisation’s current workflows and IT components such as EDM (GED), ERP, address books, IAM systems etc.


LuxTrust ensures that the e-signatures generated using COSI platform are legally-binding and compliant with the latest regulatory requirements.


COSI guarantees the highest level of confidentiality and security for both clients and documents. It is based on cryptographic technology (hash signing), providing tampering detection, timestamping and audit trail.


With COSI, you can scale up the already defined workflows of different procedures or scenarios, increasing the overall productivity with minimal costs.


COSI’s built-in interoperability capabilities allow secure data exchanges with other third-party eID providers, enabling you to honour already established partnerships or start new ones.


COSI is a white-label solution that you can adapt to your business unique processes and visual identity to offer users a seamless experience and increase adoption rate.

COSI, electronic signature platform: more features for immediate results

COSI allows all three types of e-signatures (simple, advanced and qualified) in compliance with eIDAS regulation.

COSI facilitates the integration of other Trust Services solutions, such as timestamping, eSeal, Strong Customer Authentication, for a complete digitization of processes.

COSI can be deployed on-premises or as SaaS (private and mutualised cloud) for greater flexibility and convenience.


Team up with a reliable partner

We are a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) on the EU Trusted List with Qualified Certificates for e-Signature.

We guarantee you the highest level of compliance with EU standards (eIDAS, PSD2, GDPR and AML4).

We are supervised, regularly audited and controlled to provide the highest level of security.

We are a certification authority. We register customers and administrate the certificates used for authentication and electronic signature.

We provide sustainable solutions and we accompany you all along the implementation journey.

We serve clients from highly regulated sectors: Fintech, banking, telco, insurance, health, and public institutions.

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