Sign legally-binding documents remotely

Do you need to sign quickly legally-binding documents? Are your customers and business partners hard to reach?

Our electronic signature solutions allow you to sign and get signed any type of data (PDF documents, contracts, databases, images, etc.) in just a few clicks.

E-signature: validate, sign, send

Speed up your processes thanks to the e-signature

Whether you simply want to apply your e-signature on a PDF document or you need to manage complex document management workflows involving multiple signers, we will guide you in choosing and implementing the best e-signature solution to sign:

  • Contracts with remotely located partners
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Quotas or purchase orders
  • Public sectors tenders etc.

An e-signature solution to digitize your processes

LuxTrust’s electronic signature solution brings together a series of features that ensure a high level of reliability and security whenever you sign electronically any type of document or data.

Easy onboarding

Compatible with several types of digital identity (LuxTrust, itsme®). Allows the import of contacts for simplified operations.

Multiple e-signature modes

Digital identity, OTP sent via SMS or email are just few of the options we offer to individuals and companies to sign and seal deals.

Simple. Advanced. Qualified.

Use the most suitable eIDAS e-signature levels (simple, advanced or qualified) and ETSI standards (XAdES, PAdES, CAdES) for your documents.

Parcours de signature

E-signature workflows

We help you create and manage any type of document workflows, from the most basic to highly complex ones with multiple signers, types of signature and documents. 

Process automation

You can digitize parts or entire procedures, from document creation and modification to archiving.

Audit Trail

Thanks to its audit trail (log) functionality, you can record and track every step taken during the signing process and thus create strong evidence support in case of litigation.


Understanding electronic signatures

Are you considering using electronic signatures in your business, but you struggle to fully understand what this entails?

Check out our white paper on the eIDAS electronic signatures and learn everything you need to know before implementing them!

Experience state-of-the-art features

Implement our e-signature hub and benefit from unparalleled technical features that cover all best practices around signing digital assets

Easy to deploy

You can deploy it on-premises or as SaaS (private and mutualised cloud) for greater flexibility and convenience. Its services and modules are fully accessible via a set of APIs or through a provided user interface.


Thanks to its built-in interoperability capabilities, our e-signature platform exchanges with other third-party providers, such as eID providers (itsme®, FranceConnect), service providers (ARKHINEO) or applications (Microsoft Azure, Sharepoint etc).

Confidentiality by design

You get to choose between various levels of encryption to ensure the right level of security for the signing session. We ensure that the e-signatures generated are legally-binding and compliant with the latest regulatory requirements (eIDAS, GDPR).

Get to know us better
Why working with us?
  1. We are a robust firm with over 15 years of experience in delivering tailored e-signature solutions to companies and organisations operating in the most demanding sectors: FinTech, banking, public sector, healthcare.
  2. We are here to help you manage your business risks. When partnering up with us, you transfer part of the risks and liability associated with the signer’s identification and authentication, as well as with the applied e-signature, to LuxTrust. 
  3. We assist you during every stage of the implementation journey, providing 24/7 service & support in 8 languages.
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