Sign large volumes of documents on behalf of your company

Do you need to sign and send documents to a large number of customers (quotas, purchase orders, invoices, standard contracts)?

Automate this process using our eIDAS electronic seals. They guarantee the integrity and origin of your documents and limit fraud attempts.


Addressing companies’ needs for automation and scalability

An electronic seal is the modern, richer equivalent of a company rubber stamp. Companies (in fact all legal entities) apply it manually or automatically to quickly secure massive volumes of documents in just a few minutes:

  • electronic invoices
  • statements, reports, evaluations
  • medical reports and tests
  • software codes or servers

Our expertise at your service

We make sure that your company's digital documents remain protected and compliant over longer periods of time.

Qualified timestamp

Qualified timestamp

To protect you against backdating and reduce legal risks, we add to each e-seal a qualified timestamp free of charge.

High interoperability

High interoperability

Supports PAdES and XAdES international standards. Easy to integrate into your legacy IT environment. Compatible with most common operating systems and applications.

Mode SaaS or API

SaaS mode or API

We deliver the electronic seal service as SaaS or via COSI, our e-signature platform. Either way, you can apply it automatically or manually.

Full eIDAS compliance

Full eIDAS compliance

Meeting eIDAS strictest requirements, documents secured with a LuxTrust e-seal will gain an irrefutable legal value across EU member states.

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Why working with us?
  1. We are a robust firm with over 15 years of experience in delivering tailored digital solutions that make companies more agile, innovative and, ultimately, more productive.
  2. We are here to help you manage your business risks. When partnering up with us, you transfer the risks and liability associated with the authentication of your users and e-sealing to LuxTrust.
  3. We assist you during every stage of the implementation journey, providing 24/7 service & support in 8 languages.
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