Select the device associated with the certificate you want to reactivate
  • Select the device: Token, Scan, LuxTrust app, SmartCard or Signing Stick

If you have a Token, LuxTrust or Scan app:

  • Enter your User ID. If you no longer have it, contact our Customer Service Desk at (+352) 24 550 550
  • Enter your current password
  • Press the button on your Token or scan the QR code using your Scan or LuxTrust application
  • Enter the OTP code generated in the dedicated field


If you have a Signing Stick, SmartCard or electronic identity card:

  • Connect the Signing Stick to the USB port or insert the card into the card reader
  • Wait for the certificate details to be viewed Click on "Authenticate"
  • Enter your PIN code in the dedicated field of the pop-up window
  • Validate
Insert the initial Challenge code
  • Enter the 6-digit Challenge code found in the letter or SMS received shortly after ordering your certificate (LuxTrust codes). If you no longer have this information, contact our Customer Service Desk at (+352) 24 550 550
  • Click on "Activate"

What do you need to reactivate your certificate?

To reactivate your certificate, you will need the items below. Make sure you have them on hand.

  • Your User ID and password (or your PIN code if you have a SmartCard or Signing Stick)
  • Your device
  • Your Challenge code received by letter or SMS following your order.

If you no longer have these items, please call our Customer Service Desk on (+352) 24 550 550.