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Protect your sensitive data in the cloud

How can you ensure the security of your information systems and the sovereignty of your data in the cloud, while being compliant with the current regulations (such as DORA, NIS2, GDPR)?

Data encryption is a key measure against cyber-attacks and data leakage as the regulatory frameworks highlight it. But encryption alone is not enough, it is imperative to safeguard the encryption keys from third-party access.

Our offer

One managed solution, one integration

If you are facing these challenges and need a solution, our new managed service is perfect for you. We have teamed up with POST Luxembourg, leader in the Luxembourg ICT market, and Thales, world leader in security solutions, to create a comprehensive package.

While you will have one main contact for your project, you will benefit from the expertise of three trusted experts working together to address your data protection needs in the cloud. Here is what each partner brings to the partnership:


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logo Thales


Provides the software solution for data encryption and key management (CipherTrust Manager).

POST Luxembourg

Provides the managed services enabling each environment to be managed according to the rules defined together.


Hosts and operates the solution, using HSMs for key storage and security.

What are the benefits of our managed solution?

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Protects and secures your data in the cloud

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Accelerates deployment times

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Enables you to delegate tasks to trusted partners and thus focus more on your core business

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Meets compliance and best practice requirements

picto user friendly

Offers a security friendly platform

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Proposes a wide range of connectors and capabilities

When migrating your data to the cloud, the key challenge is to ensure that the encryption keys remain under the sole control of your organisation.

Stefano Susca, Chief Information Officer
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Why work with us?
  1. We are recognised as an operator of vital importance (OVI), with a duty to guarantee continuity of service.
  2. We have a 100% European shareholder structure that guarantees best stability and resilience to its partners and clients, on the long term.
  3. Our DNA is built on values such as trust, security, compliance, and confidentiality. We anticipate future challenges and develop innovative solutions to address them.
  4. We are an eIDAS qualified Trust Services Provider published on the EU Trusted List and a Certification Authority.
  5. Our team is made of experts in encryption, public key infrastructure management and HSM.
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