Sign your PDF document in 4 steps!

In COSI Home Edition, it is quick and easy to sign online any PDF document.

1. Connect with your LuxTrust identity

Use your LuxTrust credentials and device (Token, app, Scan, SmartCard ou Signing Stick) to connect to the platform.

2. Upload your document to sign

Define a name for your e-signature session and click on “Upload document” (PDF format, up to 15 Mb).

3. Place your signature (optional)

Click on “Place your signature” to choose where you want your signature to appear in the document.

4. Sign and download your document

Click on “Sign”, enter your credentials again and download your signed document.

Good to know

Are e-signatures legal?

The European Union’s eIDAS Regulation made all e-signatures types court-admissible across member states. This means that no judge could reject an electronic document as evidence solely on the grounds that it is signed electronically. However, e-signature types vary, so does their legal effect. While all types are accepted as legal evidence, only the qualified e-signatures have the equivalent legal effect of the handwritten signatures.

PDFs signed electronically with LuxTrust have the same legal value as paper documents signed with a handwritten signature.