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Electronic signatures compliant with the eIDAS EU Regulation

Since 2016, the EU eIDAS (Electronic Identities and Trust Services) regulation enables documents and contracts to be signed electronically and to be legally-binding across Europe and beyond.

LuxTrust’s electronic signatures offer legal evidence of a digital transaction with full interoperability. This ensures data integrity and a high level of identity assurance and non-repudiation.

In other words, it allows you to prove that electronic data (documents, contracts, databases and more) have been signed by a specific person, at a given time, and that the data hasn’t been modified in the meantime.

When will you make use of an electronic signature?

The electronic signature can be used to sign PDFs (PAdES mode), transactions (XAdES mode), or multiple transactions or documents at a time (CAdES mode). The possible usages of e-signatures are endless. This goes from seamless delivery and approval of a quote for home improvement work, to contract signatures in a large company, and regulatory approvals. Indeed everything that requires a signature or an official rubber stamp.

  • contracts
  • non disclosure agreements
  • quotes
  • customer orders
  • general agreements
  • official requests
  • order confirmations
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account opening applications

proof of identity

loan agreements

savings products



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Declarations of incident

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All types of companies


Customer orders

Non Disclosure Agreements

Service contracts,

Order confirmations

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Why us?

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  • Qualified Trust Service Provider on the EU Trusted List with Qualified Certificates for ESignature
  • Qualified and Advanced Electronic Signatures services delivered through our ORELY® signature service.
  • All electronic signatures include Qualified TimeStamps
  • Features include hash signing, document signing, “see-what-you-sign”
  • Attributes included in the signature
  • Managed revocation
  • Supports multiple formats including PAdES, CAdES, XAdES

Finding the right e-signature solution for you

We offer you different types of electronic signature solutions. From a simple device supporting your eID (like a smartcard) to an API integrated within your system. On-cloud, on premise or in hybrid mode, we provide solutions that will meet the needs of every organisation.


You are an entrepreneur or smaller company and need to electronically sign some documents

For limited use, sign outgoing documents offline and one-by-one with LuxTrust SmartCard, using Adobe Acrobat.


Hardware solution

Trust Services Portal

You are a medium-large company and want to integrate electronic signature in your process

Integrate our ORELY portal and build a simple flow enabling your customers to give their consent for recurrent actions.

On Cloud


LuxTrust Signature

You are a company with complex workflows and multiple signers.

Integrate LuxTrust Electronic Signature API.
It will enable you to have an end-to-end solution, create signature workflows, templates, rules, manage various documents formats and customize the user interface.

On Premise


Which level of electronic signature is right for you?

Depending on the way your electronic identity has been created and the level of electronic identity (certificate) you hold, your electronic signature can have different legal values. Choose the electronic signature that best suits your compliance and business needs.


1. Simple electronic signature – can be any mark placed on a document to indicate the consent of the signer. It is not linked to a trusted identity and could be anything from an image, to a cross made with your mouse

2. Advanced electronic signature (AdES) – is uniquely linked to and capable of identifying the signatory. It is implemented so that the signatory maintains sole control over the signature creation means. The signature is linked to each piece of data, and any subsequent change is detectable.

3. Qualified electronic signature (QES) – is the only electronic signature equivalent to a handwritten one. It has to be linked to a Qualified Certificate for Electronic Signature issued by a Trust Service Provider who is part of the EU Trusted List, like LuxTrust and requires the use of a qualified signature creation device (QSCD).

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