Discover our strong authentication token

LuxTrust Token

The Token is a small electronic device we link to your LuxTrust digital identity. You can use it to access your web banking applications or to confirm various sensitive financial transactions on behalf of your company.

It generates a temporary, unique code, which you combine with your credentials (User ID and password). This adds an extra layer of security and ensures a strong authentication for all your online activities.

Why would the Token suit you?

Simple and practical, the Token helps protecting your sensitive information from unauthorized access. Even more valuable when you represent the interests of an organisation.

Highly accessible

Highly accessible

The Token suits professionals of all ages and of different degrees of digital savviness. Its usage is straightforward.

Easy to handle

Easy to handle

The Token is a small device which fits onto your key ring. Press its button and the security code will appear on the LCD screen.

LuxTrust App

Compatible with LuxTrust App

Use your Token to activate free of charge our LuxTrust App. Then you can secure your transactions straight from your smartphone!


How does it work?

Every time you log in to your e-banking account via a desktop computer or carry out online administrative tasks for your company, you will have to enter your user ID, password and an OTP (one-time password).

To get the OTP, press the button on the token and a 6-digit code will appear on the LCD display. This makes it even more difficult for someone else to appropriate it. If all three elements are correct, you can access the service or proceed with completing your task.

Using the LuxTrust Token
LuxTrust App

Now you can carry out your most sensitive online transactions from your smartphone and without using any hard devices.

If you already have a LuxTrust Token, install the application for free and follow the instructions to activate it. 

Mobile, convenient and secure, switch to LuxTrust App!

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