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Leveraging electronic signature capabilities and a wide range of eIDAS trust services and complementary digital options, COSI helps businesses, regardless their size or complexity, to create the digital ecosystem required to reach the highest level of reliability and trustworthiness for their digital documents and assets, while remaining compliant with the latest legal requirements of eIDAS, PSD2, and GDPR.

An all-in-one eIDAS trust services hub

Using COSI’s robust digital toolset, create your own end-to-end digital workflows that combine all kind of eIDAS trust services: strong customer authentication (SCA), time-stamping, electronic signature and seal, electronic signature validation, electronic signature long-term preservation and digital archiving.


A modular platform to fit your needs

Extend your business digital capabilities with any of the modules described below. Integrate them separately or in a bundle, depending on your needs.

Authentication EIDAS Trust Services
User authentication

Be sure of the identity of
your users!

This powerful module supports a wide range of electronic identity providers and Single-Sign-On to allow you to verify the identity of your users.

Data Confidentiality By Design
Confidentiality by design

Your digital data secured
at all times!

This module proposes various levels of encryption, including (re)encryption based on HSM technology, to ensure the highest level of security for the entire duration of a signing session.

Electronic Signature EIDAS Trust Services
Electronic signature

Sign legally-binding documents in a matter of minutes!

COSI handles all eIDAS electronic signature levels (simple, advanced, qualified) and supports all ETSI standard based formats (XAdES, PAdES, CAdES). Read our whitepaper to learn more!

Electronic Seal EIDAS Trust Services
Electronic seal

Get the upper hand in
fighting fraud!

Using this module, you can not only seal massive volumes of data automatically, but also certify their origin and guarantee their integrity preventing any data tampering attempts.

Electronic Signature Validation EIDAS Trust Services
Electronic signature validation

Know who you are
dealing with!

This module allows you to check the validity of an electronic signature provided by other vendors besides LuxTrust.

Electronic Signature Long-term Preservation EIDAS Trust Services Hub
Electronic signature preservation

Increase the lifespan of all your e-signatures!

This module allows you to either apply an e-signature with a long-term validity or extend the validity of an already executed e-signature.

Digital Archiving EIDAS Trust Services
Compliant digital archiving

Securely store your digital documents!

Thanks to our partnerships with trusted vendors, this module ensures long-term digital archiving for any digital document (including high risk ones) according to current regulatory norms.

Experience state-of-the-art features

COSI works as a stand-alone platform, but is also designed to fit into and leverage any organisation’s current workflows and IT components. Implementing COSI means that you will benefit from unparalleled technical features that cover all best practices around signing digital assets. 

COSI, eIDAS trust services hub

Discover COSI's main technical features here!

Process automation: you can automatize parts or entire signing procedures from document generation to archiving.

API integration: COSI is easy to integrate in your custom systems. Its services and modules are fully accessible through a set of APIs, but also via a provided user interface.

PDF toolbox: fill in standard contracts with the specific identity attributes of the signers/customers and then send them to signing.

Delegation: if unavailable, you can decide to delegate your signing rights to a third-party, reducing waiting times.

Notification: whenever an action is required, you, respectively the other signers, are notified through different channels: emails, SMS or notification server.

Audit trail: COSI provides you with an audit trail (log) functionality, recording and tracking every step or action taken during the signing process in order to create strong evidence support in case of litigation.

Legal notice: COSI facilitates consent collection over specific legal mentions during the signing session.

Documents’ format converter: COSI allows you to convert different document formats into PDF in order to sign them.  

Multitude of authentication means: users can connect and authenticate in COSI using a richness of hard devices (such as tokens, smartcards etc.) or even mobile apps.

Rich customisable dashboards: data is easy to check, track, retrieve using COSI’s intuitive dashboard. 

ONE integration, ONE eIDAS trust services hub

COSI is also:

Electronic Identity

COSI’s built-in interoperability capabilities allow exchanges with other third-party providers, such as eID providers (itsme®, FranceConnect), service providers (ARKHINEO) or applications (Microsoft Azure, Sharepoint etc). 

Deployment On Premises SaaS

COSI can be deployed on-premises or as SaaS
(private and mutualised cloud)
for greater flexibility and convenience.

COSI, White-label Solution

COSI is a white-label solution that you can adapt to your business unique processes and visual identity to offer users a seamless experience and ensure your brand coherence.

COSI, EIDAS Trust Services Hub

COSI has been built to be a shared IT asset, so you can easily scale up the predefined workflows of different procedures or scenarios, increasing the overall productivity with minimal costs.

Qualified Timestamping Service

LuxTrust ensures that the e-signatures
generated using COSI are legally-binding and compliant
with the latest regulatory requirements.

EIDAS Trust Services Hub

You can use COSI in an almost limitless variety of use cases (signing validations, multi-party contracts, even audit reports) and contexts: business-to-employee, business-to-consumer, business-to-business, government-to-citizens.

Robust firm
15 years of experience in trust services
Certified QTSP status
Technical and legal assistance provided
24/7 operations
Multilingual helpdesk (8 languages)

Who are we?

We are a leading European Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) on the EU Trusted List and Certification Authority that equips businesses with complete, tailor-made eIDAS trust services solutions to tackle the digital identity challenges and digitize processes. 

Being supervised, regularly audited and controlled by independent regulatory bodies, we guarantee you that our solutions enjoy the highest level of security and compliance with EU standards (eIDAS, PSD2, GDPR and AML4).

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