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Electronic Seal of electronic documents, digital assets and data

E-Seal is an electronic signature that enables organisations to secure any kind of digital asset. Whether it is data, transactions, documents, or even servers, the electronic seal guarantees authenticity, origin and integrity.

E-Seal is the modern, richer equivalent of a company rubber stamp. It provides proof that the data or system has not been tampered with.

It can be used to quickly sign a large quantity of documents on behalf of your company (such as invoices or statements), and also to give additional assurance when approving individual reports (e.g. medical analysis).

When will you make use of an e-seal?

  • e-Invoices
  • e-Statements
  • e-Receipts
  • Financial documentation – Reports, asset valuations, and more
  • Authentication of digital assets – Such as software code or servers
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Account statements


Fund NAVs

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Official publication


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Why us?

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  • Qualified Certificates for eSeal on the EU Trusted List
  • Supports the PAdES and XAdES international standards
  • Includes a Qualified TimeStamp
  • Easy-to-integrate into legacy IT environments
  • SaaS-based model as an option
  • Manual or automatic mode

Finding the right e-Seal solution for you

There is an e-Seal solution for companies of all sizes, with manual or automatic options.


Manually applied e-Seals are appropriate when an individual can review, approve, and sign on your organisation’s behalf. The individual is equipped with a certificate stored on a chip-based device or on a central secured-server. Access to the server and a chip-based device is protected by strong customer authentication.

This is suitable when only a limited number of documents are issued, because it requires human interaction for each release.


To secure a large quantity of documents or data, the automatic option may be preferable. This service is automatic and application driven, with e-Seal certificates stored on a centrally secured server.

It is ideal for monthly invoices, automatic journal releases, and other forms of large quantity or periodic publications.

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