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Ensuring certainty of individual identities

In an increasingly borderless and digital world, people and organizations exchange more and more information with counterparts they don’t truly know and will probably never meet in person.


So when it comes to exchanging confidential data, give a consent on a transaction, how can one be trusted? How can you be sure the people or organizations you are exchanging with are really who they pretend and not a fraud? Only a robust Trusted Electronic Identity compliant with eIDAS can ensure privacy, security and enable the use of trust services such as electronic signature.


The same way you present a passport to prove your identity when traveling to other countries or performing some administrative tasks, you will use your eID to perform similar tasks in a digital world.

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When can you make use of your electronic identity?

A Trusted Electronic Identity is the key element that will enable you to proceed to secured digital transactions. It is a set of Personal Data claimed by the user and verified by a Trusted Party, like LuxTrust. It is materialized by the issuance of a certificate. Amongst other usages, it will enable you to:

  • authenticate yourself on a web-portal (company, banking, insurance,governments)
  • sign electronically a document that is legally binding
  • seal electronically data
  • exchange data with third parties

How to get an eID?

To be granted with a LuxTrust identity, also called LuxTrust certificate, you have to go through an identification process. It needs to be done through a Registration Authority or Delegated Agent and can be done face-to-face or through remote video identification. If you are an organization willing to equip its employees, stakeholders or users, we will support you in defining the best identification process that will suit your requirements.

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Why us?

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  • LuxTrust’s electronic identities qualify for the “substantial” insurance level of eIDAS
  • Securely bound with certificates. This allows the creation of qualified electronic signatures, having the equivalent legal value than handwritten signatures
  • Identification anywhere, anytime through remote video identification
  • When stored on LuxTrust’s HSMs, the user certificates can easily support strong authentication to your corporate Website and enable the creation of electronic signatures on mobile devices.
  • Certified professional attributes can help simplify the implementation of business application requirements.
  • Helpdesk support, 24/7, 8 languages

PKI at the core of electronic identities

Public Key Infrastructure is a key cornerstone of today’s information security systems that enable trusted transactions.

In a trusted transaction, confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and non-repudiation need be preserved. Therefore, all actors involved in a trusted digital transaction need to authenticate individually, and also need to encrypt and sign the exchanged information.

PKI can be defined as a set of people, policies, procedures and systems that are necessary to provide authentication services, encryption, integrity protection and non-repudiation functionalities based on public key technology, together with suitable procedures to manage the life-cycle of keys and certificates.

An electronic identity is typically embodied under the form of an electronic certificate that LuxTrust digitally signs as a Certification Authority (CA), binding a public key with a specific identity.

In all certificates issued, LuxTrust is referred to as the legal entity with the certificate issuing authority, taking global responsibility and liability for all LuxTrust CAs and services used by LuxTrust S.A.

LuxTrust ensures that all services pertaining to the Certificates are available, including the issuance, suspension / un-suspension / revocation and renewal services as they may become necessary within specific applications.

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