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e-Timestamp: binding documents and transactions to a particular time

The Timestamp service inserts the date and time digitally into a document or database. This can prove that the content of the document or of the database have not been modified since they were time-stamped.

It is based on independent time sources and conforms to the highest European standards (ETSI TS 102 023).

The Qualified Timestamping Service provided by LuxTrust meets the highest safety requirements as set out in European regulation eIDAS (Article 24 of Regulation 910/2014 on Electronic Identification and Trust Services). It therefore constitutes solid legal evidence.

When will you make use of a timestamp?

  • stock market transactions
  • cloud services log files
  • records generated by monitoring systems
  • satellites images g. timestamped pictures of crops to help insurers manage claims after natural disasters
  • long-term archiving to prove documents are in their original condition and have not been modified, even after a long period of time
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Account statements


Fund NAVs

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Official publication


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timestamped photos

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Why LuxTrust?

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  • Qualified TimeStamp on EU Trusted List
  • Accessed through the RFC 3161 protocol
  • LuxTrust manages TimeStamp archiving
  • Easy to integrate into your legacy environment
  • SaaS based

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