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Are you always forgetting or misplacing your Token?

From now on, wherever you go, your Token goes with you!

LuxTrust Mobile is the digital counterpart of your physical Token or Scan which lets you enjoy greater mobility.

It’s simpler, more convenient and free of charge!

After a one-time setup using your token or scan for authentication, you can carry out your online administrative procedures or operations directly on your smartphone: connect to e-banking solutions, validate financial transactions, register new beneficiaries for payments, perform operations on…

Most of our partners already support it.

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How to activate LuxTrust Mobile?

Before you start, make sure you have your Token or Scan, your LuxTrust codes (User ID and Password) and a good Internet connection.

How to use LuxTrust Mobile?

On a smartphone
using your banking app in App2App mode

Your banking app and LuxTrust Mobile can automatically exchange with each other so that you just have to follow the steps to confirm an operation.

On a computer or tablet
scan the QR code

Open the app, tap on “Scan the image” and focus on the QR code displayed on your computer/tablet screen. The app decrypts this code and generates the OTP (One-Time Password) required to validate the transaction. Enter this code on the website or web-banking.

Using a computer or tablet
receive a Push notification

By enabling this feature, our partner websites will automatically send you a notification asking you to accept the specific operation. You can also find it under “Pending transactions”.


If I activated my LuxTrust Mobile, do I still have to keep my Token or Scan?

Yes, keep safe your Token or Scan as you will need it to connect to MyLuxTrust area on our website or to shop online through 3D Secure. In addition, it may serve as a backup solution in case your phone gets lost or stolen.

I did not receive the link by SMS to complete the activation. What should I do?

If you did not receive the link by SMS, most likely your personal data (mobile phone number and/or email address) is outdated or missing from our database. Please contact our Helpdesk at +352 24 550 550 (MO-FR from 08:00 to 18:00) or by email at: in order to update your client profile and complete the activation

I changed my phone and I no longer have LuxTrust Mobile app. What do I have to do?

Download again the app and activate it following the steps above.
If you do not have a LuxTrust device (Token or Scan), you will have to contact our Helpdesk at (+352) 24 550 550 who will help you manage your devices.

I lost my phone or it was stolen. What should I do?

Even if you no longer have your smartphone, your electronic identity is safe with us. You simply have to download again the app on another device and activate it following the steps above.

It is extremely hard for someone to use your electronic identity for his own benefit since it is protected by various verification elements (codes, passwords) sent through various channels and known just by yourself.

In case of doubt, you can always contact our Helpdesk at (+352) 24 550 550 for guidance and help.

Can I use LuxTrust Mobile for my online shopping?

Yes. Online shopping uses 3D Secure technology which relies on the use of your Token or LuxTrust Mobile.

Can I install LuxTrust Mobile on a second phone?

Yes, you can connect up to two LuxTrust Mobile applications to your LuxTrust identity. If you would like to use a second app, then you have to download it and associate it to your LuxTrust certificate (feature accessible directly on the app).

If you want to associate more than two smartphones to your LuxTrust identity, the app will request you to delete one. So, choose carefully the name of your device when activating the app to ease the (de)activation of other future devices.

I forgot my Password or my Passcode. What should I do?

Your Password is linked to your LuxTrust electronic identity. You can create a new one with the help of your User ID in MyLuxTrust area of this website. If you are unable to complete this process alone, contact your banking agent or our Helpdesk at (+352) 24 550 550.

The Passcode is your personal, unique code to unlock the app. So, if you forget it, we cannot help you retrieve it. You will have to re-associate the app with you electronic identity.

I have a Smartcard and/or Signing Stick. Can I benefit from LuxTrust Mobile?

No, our Smartcard and Signing Stick cannot be associated with LuxTrust Mobile.

I have a private Token and another one for professional use. Can I access the two accounts on my LuxTrust Mobile?

Unfortunately, for security reasons, you cannot manage multiple electronic identities on the same LuxTrust Mobile app.

What are the technical requirements to run LuxTrust Mobile?

LuxTrust Mobile is compatible with iOS 10 (or newer) or Android 6 (or newer). For security reasons, LuxTrust do not accept rooted or jailbroken devices.

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