Transition to LuxTrust Mobile app - our answer to an increasingly digital world

LuxTrust and the banks have embarked on a plan to migrate users from the Token to the LuxTrust Mobile application in order to better meet their needs in an increasingly digital world and to offer an even higher level of security. The LuxTrust Mobile app, already adopted by more than 220,000 customers, displays all the details of the current transaction and thus allows the user to verify them before any validation.

To date, no deadline has been set for the definitive decommission of the Token for banking transactions. However, the use of the Token will progressively end, but it will still be available for non-banking transactions.

Each player of the banking sector can decide to no longer authorize the use of the Token by its customers. 

Evolution of the LuxTrust products

In case our product portfolio evolves in the future, any decision will be made in collaboration with the banks and other market players and communicated to end users in due time, allowing an appropriate period for product adoption or transition. In addition, we would like to let users know that options are and will be available for those who prefer or need a hard device instead of a digital one.