Why a new visual identity?

LuxTrust was born in 2005 out of a match between a country and a feeling: trust. Having prematurely identified the challenges of digital identity and trust, LuxTrust has developed a digital ecosystem enabling people to use and prove their identity online, and to carry out transactions in complete security.

In an increasingly digitalised society, where the risks of fraud are multiplying and our customers' needs are evolving, we have broadened our services portfolio. A change was necessary to reflect all these evolutions and create a coherent brand image across all our markets and all our customers.

What is this change all about?

Given our history, our values, and our customers' feedback, our name and our tagline "Enabling a digital world" remain unchanged. They still allow us to stand out and fuel our ambitions: to facilitate a digital world and the adoption of technology in a trust-based approach.

Some elements of our brand have been revamped:

  • Our logo: "innovation", "digital" and "light" are the key words describing our new logo. The 2 elements of our name, "Lux" for "Luxembourg" but also for "light" in Latin, and "Trust" for "confidence", are united by a beam of colors.
  • Our corporate colors: the chosen colors - tech blue, sky blue and lighthouse green - are specific to our industry and inspire confidence, modernity and dynamism. They are combined to create a beam of light that recalls our role as pioneer and pathfinder in a complex, technical field.

These new elements have been implemented on our main platforms:

  • LuxTrust Mobile app: our new icon is now our initials "LT" on a gradient blue background. Inside the app, the colors have also been updated. However, the menu and functionalities remain unchanged. You can authenticate and validate your transactions in the same easy way. These changes are being implemented in stages and will be visible to all users by October 19. If you are unable to see them after this date, simply update the application.
  • Our website www.luxtrust.com:┬áthe new color palette has been implemented on our website. And the MyLuxTrust space, dedicated to your digital identity actions, now has a more visible position.

The launch of our new identity confirms our commitment to being a trusted partner guaranteeing the security, sovereignty and confidentiality of our customers' data.