An accelerated growth strategy to keep pace with an evolving market

Since announcing their partnership in 2020, LuxTrust and Fair&Smart have observed a significant evolution of the data governance market. The aspirations of key accounts, particularly public institutions and multinational companies, have led to a high level of requirements, resulting in a consolidation of the main players in the industry. The integration of the Fair&Smart solutions aims to anchor synergies between the digital platforms of the 2 companies. This will contribute to a faster mutual development, in order to bring added value to their customers without making concessions on the promise of sovereignty.

Agile integration: an innovative vision

The Fair&Smart team has been integrated directly into the LuxTrust teams, ensuring a seamless transition for customers, who maintain their existing contacts with an optimal use of skills and technologies. The Fair&Smart brand is preserved within LuxTrust's range of augmented identity and attribute sharing services platform, namely IDKeep. This agile integration reflects LuxTrust's innovative vision of the digital trust landscape.

Fabrice Aresu, CEO of LuxTrust, highlights "Our alliance comes at the right time. Regulatory requirements and obligations have never been so pressing for our customers. They need to rapidly implement solutions that guarantee the security of their operations, as well as the protection of their users' personal data. The combination of our offers and services enables us not only to meet these obligations now, but also to anticipate opportunities around the high value-added use cases of the European Wallet. This is based on the principles of consent management, identity attributes and traceability that are at the heart of our shared portfolio."

Xavier Lefevre, ex-CEO of Fair&Smart and now Sales Director of LuxTrust, adds: "The challenges posed by digital trust and European sovereignty can no longer be addressed without a certain critical size. LuxTrust has that critical size, combined with first-rate technical and regulatory expertise. The deployment of Fair&Smart solutions will be able to accelerate internationally to support the high expectations of the market and our customers."

Scalable solutions: sustainable consent management

Fair&Smart's consent management solutions, available in France since 2019, have undergone continuous improvements based on customer feedback and new use cases, resulting in a high-performance, sovereign and highly available consent management platform. Thanks to this integration, LuxTrust becomes the first Qualified Trust Services Provider in Europe to cover virtually all B2C digital interactions, consolidating its position in the digital trust and data governance market.

LuxTrust and Fair&Smart are delighted to have formed this alliance to contribute to the development of a secure and transparent digital environment for citizens, businesses and institutions.




About Fair&Smart

About Fair&Smart Founded in 2016, Fair&Smart provides private companies and public players of all sizes with simple and competitive ways to help their users manage personal data:

  • Consents and preferences management: Right Consents,
  • Addressing GDPR requirements: Right Requests,
  • Exchanges of personal data: Right Data.

Beyond regulatory compliance, Fair&Smart solutions ensure a consistent, transparent user experience across all channels, generating trust and engagement. Allowing personal data to be easily converted into value, for the shared benefit of individuals and organisations alike.