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Manage consent with ease

The European Union’s directive on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force since May 2018 making it clear that managing and securing digital identity is fundamental in order to thrive in the digital economy. One year later, companies still struggle to navigate through this complex maze of regulations while trying to offer their customers a great user privacy experience.


LuxTrust’s solution, IDKEEP, is the answer businesses have been waiting for in order to tackle the current data privacy challenges they are facing.

What's IDKEEP?

IDKEEP is a privacy-protecting identity platform which enables Corporate and Personal Data exchange and re-usability, enhancing trust and brand loyalty. IDKEEP introduces a simple, yet powerful policy engine to allow companies generate, manage and track users’ consent to specific data at scale. After a simple onboarding process, users can also easily change, keep track and control their personal data and privacy preferences for many services online in one easy to use interface.

Developed in collaboration with Cambridge Blockchain, the pioneer in digital identity enterprise software, IDKEEP is based on the innovative Blockchain technology which guarantees data integrity and transparency.

Smooth data and consent collection process

Thanks to IDKEEP, any legal entity can securely manage and exchange data with any Natural (individuals/end-users) or Legal Persons (companies, service providers, institutions). First, the entity defines what data needs to be collected, under which policies, timeframe and using what validation models, then sends a request to its customer, who checks and fills in any missing information. The company gains access to the data only after the customer gives his consent and only for the defined duration of the data service.

Guaranteed compliance with regulatory standards

IDKEEP relies on eIDAS defined rules on Natural and Legal Persons’ identification, enforcing possession of electronic certificates and strong customer authentication means. In addition, IDKEEP ensures high data protection and Privacy by Design requirements defined by GDPR.

Increased transparency

By using IDKEEP, each data transaction is done in a transparent manner, where both the company and its customers know which type of data is shared and for what purpose. This can lower customers’ queries or complaints about miscommunication.

Full ownership of personal data

IDKEEP’s interface is simple, user friendly and intuitive. With few simple touches, the user can review, update, provide missing data and delete it at any time. He can agree to extend the scope of data usage or provide minimum access depending on context and his preferences. After successfully subscribed to the service, the user can review the service details, including Data Protection Officer’s details.

Data re-usability

Once the data is validated, the user can easily re-use already it share it with other agreed service providers, without having to repeat the validation process.


Interested in beta testing our solution?

IDKEEP entered in the Beta phase and we need your help to make it better. Be the first to experience its features before it is officially released. Contact us to become one of our first users!

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