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Tutorial: How to sign a PDF document in COSI Home Edition?

E-signature is not useful just to professionals. You can take advantage of its benefits in your own personal life. For example, it can help you better manage your administrative tasks such as signing remotely family leave requests, tax declarations, offers or contracts. You can already give it a try in COSI Home Edition, a spin-off of our electronic signature platform for businesses. Here, you can sign any PDF document in a few clicks from wherever you are. 

Bonus: LuxTrust offers you 5 e-signatures free of charge every month.

How it works?

1.  Connect to COSI Home Edition

Go on the online platform here. You need to authenticate with your preferred LuxTrust device, just as you would normally do when accessing your web banking services. You can also your Luxembourgish eID card to connect and sign.

Connect to COSI Home Edition

2. Upload your PDF document

On the main homepage, the signing process is straightforward. First, you give a name for your e-signature session. This will help you find easily your signed documents afterwards in the Home dashboard. Click on Browse to upload your PDF document from your computer.

Start signing in COSI Home Edition

3. Place your signature (optional)

By default, your e-signature will be visible on the last page of the document. In case you want your e-signature to appear in a specific place on the document, you can place it manually using the Place signature option. Then click on Start signing.

Place your e-signature on the PDF document4. Review and sign your PDF document 

Now, you have the opportunity to review one more time the document before signing it. If everything is all right, click on Sign (top right corner) to continue.

Review and sign your PDF document 

5. Confirm your identity and validate your e-signature

You must identify yourself using a LuxTrust device or your Luxembourgish eID to validate the e-signature.

Confirm your identity and validate your e-signature

6. Download your PDF document

Congratulations, you are done! You can download your signed PDF document on your computer. You can also choose to download it later. You will find it in the Home menu. However, for security reasons, it will be available for a limited period of time (5 calendar days). Afterwards, we delete it from the platform.

Download your PDF document


You can check your e-signature and its validity in Adobe Reader. Have a look at this tutorial to make sure your Adobe Reader is properly configured to check e-signatures.

In COSI Home Edition is easy and fast to sign any PDF document online. It saves you the time you would spend looking for a pen, signing and scanning the document, then email it or put it in an envelope to mail it. If you have your own business, then your needs might be a bit different. You would need to sign and get signed multiple documents at once. To manage these needs, we propose you Simply COSI, a fast deployable e-signature platform that helps you deal with more complex workflows. Check our solution here!

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