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Trust Services project plan, integration and implementation support

Our team is made up of subject matter experts and experienced consultants who can help your organization during the different phases of a project

Business analysis & solution architecture phase

Through workshop based methodologies, our experts and consultants can produce an architecture document (covering process, technology and organizational dimensions) and specifications describing how best to integrate identification, authentication and trust services into your new digital business flows, one of the objectives being to create the best user experience while meeting your security, legal and compliance requirements.

Integration phase

Our consultants can help the system integrators implement all the LuxTrust services (identification, authentication and trust services) into your application environment. LuxTrust can provide demonstration code to help the integrators accelerate the development of a SAML connector.

LuxTrust can also help you produce customized user guides and FAQs.

Test phase

LuxTrust provides a test and integration environment as well as test certificates and test devices to enable end to end testing.

LuxTrust process and deliverable for each Trust Service

Identification and certificate delivery

  • Depending on the level of the certificate required, we select the suitable enrolment process to equip the users with a certificate to enable authentication and electronic signature.
  • For specific needs, we can design new enrolment processes with customized flows and labels adapted to your corporate terminology.
  • We can propose different means to authenticate and sign and assist in selecting the adequate device for your users.
  • We set up new Registration Authorities and train new agents.


  • For an easy integration into your environment and adapted to your interface, we can provide a demonstration package and support for both java or .net.
  • For the first authentication and mapping with of user account, we can provide you with relevant security recommendations.


  • For an easy integration into your environment and adapted to your interface, we can a provide demonstration package and support for java.
  • Depending on the type of data to be signed (PDF, XML, PNG, etc.), we can advise you on the type and format of signature, signature policy, type of integration, etc..
  • Depending on the level of signature (advanced or qualified), format of signature (with qualified time stamp and/or with signature policy and/or with long term evidence records etc.) required by your legal department or business teams, we can provide relevant guidance.
  • We propose to compare the advantages of different signature solutions (signature platform or signature service) in order to help you choose the best approach.


  • For automatic electronic seal, we can provide guidance for easy certificate activation and integration.

LuxTrust consulting services

  • We can provide wide-ranging consultancy services related to trust services, standards & norms for electronic certificates & signature, security recommendations and OWASP integration recommendations.
  • We can analyse your legal and business requirements and share our experience regarding the best approach to integrate trust services into your processes.
  • We can provide training related to electronic signature (legal and interoperable aspects).

LuxTrust "Mobile First" approach

  • The approach is to focus on mobility but we also offer solution for desktop.
  • We can help put into practice new rules/national directives on usability and accessibility on mobile devices.
Mobile authentication

Common trust services configuration parameters

Our consultants can also help you specify the configuration parameters that best fit with your business context. Examples of such parameters list as follows :

  • Level of certificate (LCP / NCP / QCP/ QCP+)
  • Type of certificate: Private or Professional. The PRO certificate protects the electronic identity of a person who is a member of an organization that is a recognized legal entity: company, administration or institution. It combines the data information of the private holder with the professional e-mail address and company/administration/institution details.
  • Language for enrolment processes and trust services: EN/FR/ES/IT/DE/LU/NL.
  • Identification done through a physical face to face mode or remotely.
  • Different certificate ordering methods.
  • Different means to access the electronic certificate: Smartcard/Signing Stick for chip-based products, Token, LuxTrust Scan, Mobile application associated to a certificate based in the LuxTrust server.
  • Authentication/Signature User interface: customization with corporate identity and style sheet.
  • Authentication/Signature integration with iframe or full redirect.
  • Signature type: advanced or qualified.
  • Signature format: time stamp, electronic signature policy, long term,..
  • Signature visibility option: watermark for visible representation.
  • Data to be signed: PDF, XML, PNG,…
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