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Electronic Timestamp: binding documents and transactions to a particular time

The Timestamp service digitally inserts date and time on a document and also makes it possible to prove that the same document has not been modified since the time when the digital postmark was applied to it.

EU trust mark

LuxTrust EU trust mark for e-signature

The document time-stamping service makes it possible to digitally insert a time and a date into the core of the document, as a postmark could do: the time-stamp or digital stamp thereby proves the existence of the document linked to a specific time.

The eTimestamp is generated with the aid of a LuxTrust certificate dedicated to that service: the eTimestamp therefore also makes it possible to prove that a document has not been modified since the time when the digital postmark was applied to it.

Qualified Timestamping Service

The Qualified Timestaping Service provided by LuxTrust, as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP), meets the highest safety requirements as set out in European regulation eIDAS (Article 24 of Regulation 910/2014 on Electronic Identification and Trust Services). The qualified electronic time stamp therefore constitutes solid legal evidence.

The eTimestamp service is based on independent time sources and conforms to the highest European standards (ETSI TS 102 023).

For security reasons, the protocol between the client and LuxTrust’s eTimestamp service is supported by TLS authentication (Transport Layer Security Protocol).

Qualified Electronic Timestamp for Online Transactions

As part of the electronic transactions it executes, a company may need to officially define the date and time when they were executed. For instance, this may be the case stock market transactions and orders.

The time-stamping service inserts a digital registration of the time and a date at the core of the transaction: the electronic timestamp therefore proves the execution of the transactions at a given time.

Consequently, the Qualified Timestamp is a key element for certification of the validity of the online operation or transaction.

Electronic Timestamp Use Cases

A few examples to illustrate typical use for the eTimestamp:

  • stock market transactions
  • log files in the cloud services industry
  • records generated by monitoring systems
  • satellites images of crops to help insurers manage claims in case of natural disasters
  • timestamping for long-term archiving of documents to prove they are still in the original conditions and they were not modified even after a long period of time

LuxTrust Value Proposition

LuxTrust Qualified Timestamping Service:

  • can be used in standalone or in combination with other trust services such as the qualified electronic signature or the electronic seal services
  • is accessed through the RFC 3161 protocol
  • takes care of their archiving
  • is easy to integrate in your application environment
  • is SaaS based

The following diagram shows the timestamp service workflow when integrated with customer applications.

Timestamp service

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