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Electronic Seal of electronic documents and data

e-Seals can be used to ensure authenticity any digital asset or document of a legal entity such as a company, institution or organization. LuxTrust e-Seals include a qualified timestamp.

Ensuring certainty of data origin and integrity Electronic seals (e-Seals) serve as evidence that an electronic document was issued by a legal entity (company, institution, organization,..), ensuring certainty of the document’s origin and integrity. LuxTrust e-Seals include a qualified time stamp, binding the document and its e-Seal to a particular time, establishing evidence that the document existed at that time.

Besides authenticating the document issued by the legal entity, e-Seals can also be used to  authenticate any digital asset of the legal person, such as software code or servers.

Advanced and Qualified Electronic Seal in the eIDAS regulation

Manual or application-driven mode of operation

LuxTrust, as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP), provides the certificates required to produce e-Seals. Depending on the granularity and quality of information available to establish the identity of the legal person, LuxTrust offers advanced or qualified certificates supporting respectively either advanced or qualified e-Seals. All those are compliant with the eIDAS regulation.

The e-Seal service is available in two modes of operation:

  1. In the manual mode of operation, the certificate is stored on a chip based device or on a central secured server, whose access is protected by strong customer authentication. The e-Seal service is invoked by a human being.
  2. For the application-driven mode of operation, the certificate is stored on a central secured
    server and the e-Seal service is driven by an application e.g. an invoicing application.

Electronic Seal Use Cases

  • Automated sealing of large volumes of documents to ensure certainty of their origin and integrity: legally binding documents, invoices, applicable statutory conditions,  letters, fines…
  • Sealing of data to ensure certainty of their integrity and their existence at a certain time: data submitted via a mobile application structuring insurance claims and embedding  pictures of damages…
  • Sealing of electronic records to ensure certainty of their origin, integrity and their  existence at a certain time : contractual notifications, financial reports, NAVs, log files  in the cloud services industry, archives, electronic certifications and deeds, records  generated by monitoring systems…
  • Strong authentication of a legal entity, irrespective of the physical person representing it.
  • Authentication of digital assets of a legal entity: copyrighted pictures, plans…

Luxtrust's electronic seal value proposition

A Qualified Trusted Services Provider (QTSP)

  • Support the PAdES and XAdES international standards
  • LuxTrust e-Seals include a qualified timestamp
  • LuxTrust e-Seals offer strong legal evidence
  • Easy to integrate into an existing application environment.
  • SaaS-based model relieves you from maintenance tasks
  • Breadth and depth of other eIDAS services to complement  e-Seal functionality
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