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Throwback on LuxTrust in 2019

So, it’s that time of the year when we inevitably reflect on the past experiences, on our ups and downs and prepare a list of new resolutions for the upcoming year. Looking back at 2019, we can state that it has been a cornerstone year for LuxTrust. The firm signed new partnerships entering an international stage of development and launched some new, unrivaled digital solutions which will drive future growth. Here is a quick overview of the key moments for LuxTrust in 2019.


In February, LuxTrust celebrated the new partnership agreement with InfoCert (Tinexta Group) and Camerfirma creating the largest Qualified Trust Service Provider in Europe. Leveraging a complementary services offer and their specific geographical expertise, the companies will be able to provide clients with better, integrated solutions to deal with the challenges raised by digital transformation and compliance with European legal framework. This collaboration marks a new milestone in LuxTrust’s history which lays the ground for an international development. We are looking forward to see what this close partnership will bring in the future. You can read more about it here.

In addition, this year, LuxTrust gained two more allies, Finologee and CDC ARKHINEO, whose competences and solutions combined with those of LuxTrust help clients meet regulatory requirements and increase their technical capabilities.

Made by LuxTrust

2019 was also pretty busy in terms of product launches. We released COSI, a digital hub of eIDAS trust services that enables businesses to tackle the digital transformation challenge by digitizing their paper processes.

Having at its core electronic signature technology, COSI equips businesses with a suite of solutions that strengthen and enhance electronic signature such as: user authentication and onboarding (even via remote identification), electronic seal, electronic signature long-term preservation, electronic signature validation and digital archiving. We are extremely pleased to see that, in a short time, COSI managed to win the trust of some of the most reputable companies on the market such as the largest audit firm in Luxembourg (PwC Luxembourg) or one of the biggest French electric utility companies.

Not so long ago, we have released the latest version of our LuxTrust Mobile application which benefits from better security features and includes a brand new option – Push Notification. The campaign is still ongoing, so feel free to check our LuxTrust Mobile dedicated page here.

Top three most-read articles on our website

Now let’s have a look at the articles and topics that grabbed most of the attention on our website. The news of PwC, the largest professional services firm in Luxembourg, announcing the implementation of LuxTrust’s electronic signature solution for its audit reports, hit the headlines and attracted the highest numbers of readers.

Our readers and visitors were also highly interested in “The role of a qualified trust service provider (QTSP)”, an article detailing the legal requirements that a trust service provider must meet in order to gain a qualified status, and thus be allowed to provide qualified eIDAS services, the ones that have the highest level of security and legal recognition in European Union.

Last but not least (and unsurprisingly), the third article in our ranking is the one explaining the electronic signature levels and their legal value as defined in eIDAS (you can check it here). This is clearly an indication that you are looking for a better understanding of the legal framework around trust services. So, we will continue to get legal matters across in 2020 as well!

That’s a wrap!

2019 is almost over, we are grateful for all the challenges, successes and lessons learnt that it has offered us. With winter holidays approaching, it’s time to take some days off and spend some quality time with family, friends and colleagues. We will be back just before the last day of the year with an article on where we see electronic signature and other trust services making a difference in 2020. In the meantime, happy holidays!

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