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LuxTrust to provide electronic signature solution to PwC Luxembourg

Capellen, 13th November 2019, LuxTrust S.A. is pleased to announce cornerstone agreement with PwC. At the beginning of November, PwC Luxembourg, the largest professional services firm in Luxembourg, announced its collaboration with LuxTrust in order to implement electronic signature for its audit reports. PwC Luxembourg will leverage LuxTrust’s electronic signature solution, COSI, to digitize audit paper processes between all stakeholders (clients, auditors and regulators) and thereby reduce carbon footprint at the same time1.

COSI, the electronic signature platform developed in-house by LuxTrust, is an innovative platform that enables businesses to digitally manage internal and external document validation processes (such as signing validations, multi-party signing contracts and reports) requiring official electronic signatures with legal recognition and regulatory assurance. COSI handles, through configurable workflows, all levels of electronic signature, including the qualified one (the only one having legal equivalence to handwritten signature, as per eIDAS European regulation). It is even accessible on smartphones, allowing corporates to sign and deliver legally-binding documents in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, COSI facilitates the access and usage of other LuxTrust qualified eIDAS trust services such as 12-year time-stamping, electronic seal, signature validation, Strong Customer Authentication, up to end-user remote identification and onboarding, which are equally beneficial for creating a trusted end-to-end digital journey and to ensure validity of e-signing processes.

“COSI brings simplicity and compliance in the most regulated sectors of the market. We are honoured to provide today PwC Luxembourg with an integrated solution to efficiently handle their important auditing challenges and to demonstrate their digital leadership. This success is an excellent example of how LuxTrust empowers businesses to experience new possibilities through digital transformation while strengthening the digital economy”, Pascal Rogiest, CEO of LuxTrust.


1The full press release is available here.


About LuxTrust

With 15 years of experience in providing electronic identity and trust services, LuxTrust equips clients and businesses with complete, tailor-made digital solutions to digitize processes and enhance overall efficiency.

We offer a wide range of services based on compliance, security and user convenience from the creation and provision of electronic identity, electronic signature, electronic seal, to authentication and time-stamping.

Being an eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider published in EU Trusted List and a Certification Authority, we are compliant with the latest European and industry regulations and we guarantee the highest level of reliability and trust for our services.

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