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LuxTrust’s solutions available now to make remote working easier

Right now, there are 3 billion people* worldwide confined, in isolation or required to work from home. In these unprecedented times, we all turn to digital technology and specific software to enable remote working and continue our business activities in the best conditions. Being a technology company, LuxTrust has been developing for the past 15 years a series of digital services and solutions to help companies digitize their business processes and easily onboard customers remotely. Here is an overview of our main solutions that may help you overcome the current situation:

1. Sign electronically various documents via our eIDAS trust services hub, COSI

Now, more than ever, we must adopt social distancing as the new way of interacting, but it can become challenging to maintain normal business flows. Whether you are working remotely or not, our eIDAS trust services hub, COSI, can help you create and manage end-to-end digital workflows, which facilitate remote working as well.

By leveraging e-signature technology along with other eIDAS digital solutions, in COSI, you can create, review, or exchange any type of documents or data. You can invite your partners, colleagues or customers to sign electronically (using a LuxTrust electronic identity or that of our agreed partners eg: itsme®, MobileConnect, Gardian etc.). You can also add to your e-signature various elements, such as a qualified timestamp or an electronic seal to increase its security and validity. Finally, you can opt to archive the document according to legal requirements.

If you are on the rush and need a flexible solution to start using immediately, then Simply COSI could work for you. Simply COSI is in fact a version of COSI that we have adapted in order to be fast to deploy at company level. It is delivered on a mutualized cloud and can be up and running in less than 48 hours. When (and if) you want to upgrade, then Simply COSI allows you to easily migrate to the standard version.

All COSI versions are fully compliant with eIDAS regulation and in line with CSSF and CNPD requirements.

Should you wish to find out more about either of these digital solutions, we invite you to register to any of the webinars we are currently organizing:

2. Authenticate securely and sign remotely via video identification

Nowadays, almost all web banking applications and websites which help you perform high-security operations (such as ask you to authenticate before accessing their services. In order to be able to do so, someone (i.e. trust service provider) must first identify and create you an electronic identity (for individual use or as a company representative). This is also a mandatory requirement if you want to sign electronically documents using a qualified electronic signature, the only one having the legal equivalent of the handwritten signature.

LuxTrust can provide you with an electronic identity (and implicitly with a hard device or digital solution) without needing to be identified in person or having a physical contact with someone else. You would be able to do it, from home and using your smartphone, via video identification.

Our current products available via video identification are:

a. LuxTrust Mobile via video identification

The LuxTrust Mobile app is the digital equivalent of the classic Token or Scan. It allows you to authenticate, validate transactions, add new beneficiaries to your bank transactions. It also enables you to connect on to carry out your administrative procedures and sign electronically documents in COSI. If you are already a LuxTrust client, then use your Token or Scan to activate it free of charge. If you are not yet a LuxTrust client, then you can get the app here.

b. LuxTrust Smartcard via video identification

The LuxTrust Smartcard is a hard device looking like a credit card, containing a chip. It enables you to authenticate yourself on partner websites, pay your taxes online or carry out any administrative procedures. In addition, it allows you to sign electronically Word, Excel, PDF documents and transactions transfers, purchases and sales of securities on the stock exchange market. The PRO version (available via video identification) addresses especially those professionals who need to sign electronically on behalf of their companies. To order your Smartcard PRO, go here. Make sure you select the Smartcard PRO via VideoID option.

Should you wish to learn more about these products and services and how they make remote working easier, you can contact our experts here!


*At the time of writing this article

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