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LuxTrust and POST Join Forces to Create a Secure Collaborative Digital Workspace

LuxTrust and Post have jointly launched a new solution that will enable their customers to benefit from a secure digital workspace. The project integrates SharePoint functionality, strong authentication and electronic signature, addressing both commercial and regulatory requirements.

On 24th January, LuxTrust and Post hosted a Cloud Security and Privacy workshop, where the solution was presented to the Luxembourgish market. Starting in mid-March, companies will benefit from a SharePoint platform operated by POST and secured by LuxTrust’s strong authentication and signature services. “The goal is to achieve the confidence level provided by paper documents in digital collaboration spaces, while benefiting from all the SharePoint features: calendars, lists, workflows, forums,…“, explains Renaud Vanderoost, Business Application Consultant at POST Luxembourg.

LuxTrust for SharePoint
A Ready to Use Solution

The proposed solution combines a pleasant user experience with the highest level of security. “We wanted to propose an integrated and simple solution, which can be implemented very quickly – within a week – in our customers’ digital environments, continues Renaud Vanderoost. Pierre Grasset, Account Manager at LuxTrust explains “All companies using POST’s new cloud solution will now benefit from the complete range of authentication and signature services offered by LuxTrust and will even be able to leverage mobile platforms.

Augmented Value Proposition to Customers

The collaboration between LuxTrust and POST enables new opportunities in the market, generating new potential clients and partnerships. “This partnership allows us to move up into the value chain and propose more complete solutions in the context of dematerialization of processes,” says Pierre Grasset. “Authentication and signature is the first stage of the project,” continues Luc Halbardier, TIC Cloud’s chief of staff at POST. In later stages, audit and traceability which allow real-time traceability within the environment are planned. In addition, “geoblocking” will also be included in the package and will allow for limiting access to the different Cloud services depending on the site. Thereafter, we have the opportunity to further design mobile solutions and integrate other means of authentication such as foreign identity cards for example.

Meeting the Market Needs

The joint solution conceived by LuxTrust and POST is ready to target the market demand. “There is a real demand in Europe for an ad hoc digital environment that enables secure collaboration especially in companies based in multiple countries,” says Renaud Vanderoost. “Using strong authentication and electronic signature, it is possible to work and share documents with parties such as clients, partners or employees remotely. Electronic signature works as a simple extension of the functionalities presented in the toolbar of the SharePoint application,” adds Pierre Grasset.

In addition to addressing the business needs, the solution is also part of an evolving regulatory framework. Applicable since 1 July 2016, the eIDAS regulation supports the European ambition to create a single, interoperable digital market that is safer and more accessible. eIDAS harmonizes rules on electronic signatures, electronic seals and timestamps and their legal effect in the 28 Member States of the European Union. Today, qualified electronic signatures are equivalent to handwritten signatures, just as the electronic seal matches the seal of a legal entity. LuxTrust offered solutions enable these regulatory changes and facilitate improvements of processes and productivity in modern companies.

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