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LuxTrust announces a 16% increase in turnover in 2018 and expands its international offer

Capellen, 9 July 2019 – LuxTrust S.A., the European qualified trust service provider, today announced that its 2018 turnover was up 16% compared to 2017, based on the development of its offer and the signing of new international contracts.

With a turnover of more than EUR 12.4 million, a gross operating surplus of EUR 1.1 million, and now more than 70 employees, LuxTrust S.A. continues its growth and strengthened its capital in December 2018 with the entry of 50 % into its capital of the largest European trust service provider, InfoCert S.p.A, which belongs to the Italian group TINEXTA S.p.A, listed on the Milan stock exchange.

Over recent months, the company has made significant investments to develop high value- added services guaranteeing the security of citizens’ and companies’ data and to ensure that solutions comply with the latest European Regulations (PSD2). For users, this has included the introduction of the secret image in May and the information campaign on upgrading certificates. The latter, scheduled for the end of the year, will thus enable any user to sign documents electronically using their LuxTrust device, with legal force equivalent to a handwritten signature.

The electronic signature as a driving force for LuxTrust’s international development

With regard to the corporate offer, LuxTrust announced in 2018 the arrival of a signature platform which was then in demonstration mode, combining signatures and multiple stamps for individuals and legal entities.

Since then, the company has been able to put its efforts into practice. The electronic signature platform, named COSI, allows organisations to digitise their processes, and is now operational. Several large companies have already signed contracts to integrate this solution, including BIL, POST, LNS (Laboratoire National de Santé) and Société Générale Luxembourg.

LuxTrust S.A.’s electronic signature platform has also been exported outside Luxembourg. Indeed, LuxTrust S.A. today announces that it has won the tender for a major name in the energy sector in France, where the company recently opened an office. This office in Paris will be the headquarter of LuxTrust France SAS. Other international contracts have been won in 2019, in various sectors, and will be announced in the near future.

“We are extremely pleased to see the significant efforts and investments made by LuxTrust shareholders and teams over the past few years to deliver a strong international strategy through the expansion of our digital trust services. We have placed our clients, both private and professional, at the heart of our concerns. Today, by virtue of an offer combining security, compliance, mobility, ease of use and flexibility, we are able to provide additional added value to our users, but also to meet the digital challenges faced by banks and corporate customers. Recent successes in Luxembourg and abroad demonstrate our competitiveness. We will continue to build on our momentum in terms of market developments and solutions; since the challenges of digitalisation are by definition international, each of our advances in Europe also benefits users and customers in Luxembourg,” explains Pascal Rogiest, CEO of LuxTrust S.A.

The company does not intend to stop there. All users will soon have the opportunity to test the electronic signature of documents regardless of their device, directly from the LuxTrust website.

As a digital identity provider, LuxTrust is looking further and announcing the extension of its trust services to personal data management with the introduction of its IDKeep solution. This digital identity management platform will allow users to have control over the information they share and enable companies to manage user consent more easily in compliance with new regulations in force (GDPR). Using the blockchain technology provided by Cambridge Blockchain, IDKeep is currently being demonstrated in interested companies.

LuxTrust’s offer and presence will continue to expand in coming months, strengthened by the alliance with InfoCert S.p.A. and Camerfirma S.A., companies of the TINEXTA S.p.A. group, the stated aim of which is to create the European leader in digital trust.

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