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LuxTrust and IDnow partner to provide certified remote identification

Luxembourg, 9th of May 2017 – LuxTrust S.A., the leading Trust Service Provider, and IDnow GmbH, the innovative leader in Video identification services, establish a partnership to provide remote-identification services for enabling delivery of eIDAS-qualified digital identities and electronic signatures to remote end-users.

As an established Trust Services Provider delivering qualified certificates & trust services, LuxTrust’s enrolment services have traditionally been based on physical face-to-face identification of users, as per applicable regulations. With the entry into force of the new eIDAS European regulation in July 2016, opportunity is now opened to deliver trust services based on remote identification equivalent to physical face-to-face. By selecting IDnow’s video identification, LuxTrust will now be able to identify -real persons anywhere in the world online, without a physical presence on site, while maintaining the high-end “qualified” status of its trust services, in particular for seamlessly delivering eIDAS-qualified electronic signature services, i.e. interoperable and non-repudiable electronic signatures which carry legal value fully equivalent to handwritten signature.

Very soon, thanks to this partnership with IDnow, LuxTrust will be the first European Trust Services Provider to deliver long-lived qualified certificates based on remote-identification, under full compliance with European regulations (eIDAS and Global Data Privacy regulation (GDPR)) and with national regulations, and more specifically with the Luxembourg financial sector regulatory framework.

IDnow has been at the forefront of video identification services in Germany and is actively expanding in Europe. Its services have been used by major banks and other leading companies for new customer enrolment, thanks to an innovative identification process and high user-friendliness. Its patented solution complies with requirements of Know Your Customer (KYC-) regulations, International Anti Money Laundering Acts, digital signatures and data protection regulations. Every day, several thousand persons get identified on-line by IDnow with more than 150 identity documents from more than 50 countries worldwide. The association of LuxTrust and IDnow will establish in Luxembourg an eIDAS compliant shared-service centre to deliver remote-identification and trust services all over Europe.

The addition of IDnow’s video identification to LuxTrust’s service-portfolio is a cornerstone within LuxTrust’s international development. The robustness of IDnow’s solution, combined with LuxTrust’s processes as certified trusted third-party, significantly broadens the geographic reach of LuxTrust’s services which can now be delivered to anyone, anywhere, in full compliance to strictest quality standards and regulations. This is a significant advantage for better serving customers whose digital applications address also end-users spread over several countries. We are also excited by the perspective of leveraging this joined remote-identification capability, for providing reliable shared remote-identification services to any company in Luxembourg and beyond”, says Pascal Rogiest, CEO of LuxTrust.

“In LuxTrust, the renowned Trust Service Provider, we found a predictively and innovative partner to further expand our international activities. Together we offer end users not only from Luxembourg but from all over the world the perfect user experience: Our cooperation enables them to get identified and to sign contracts within one single online process – fast, easily and without paper or limits.“, adds Michael Sittek, Managing Director of IDnow.

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