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Introducing the latest version of LuxTrust Mobile app – your 100% mobile token

These days we are all on our smartphones more than we would like to admit. We check the news, our bank accounts, keep in touch with our friends, watch films or funny videos, listen to music, shop online, answer work-related emails or finish presentations. These are just a few of the most common activities we perform with the help of our smartphones. LuxTrust Mobile app is our solution for an increasingly digital world in which our experiences and interactions become more and more mobile centric. The app opens new possibilities for our customers to carry out in security their financial and administrative operations from their mobile phone and without having to use a second device, such as a physical Token or Scan. Its latest version released this week enhances overall security and stability of the app and introduces a new feature, Push Notification.

Getting around LuxTrust Mobile and your mobile electronic identity

LuxTrust Mobile app is the digital equivalent of your Token or Scan. It allows you to generate the one-time password (OTP) required to authenticate or validate online transactions or operations. In order to start using it, you have to install it from App Store or Google Play, just like any other app.

Since you will use it in specific contexts which must meet the highest levels of data security and regulatory requirements, you will have to activate it. This process consists of various mandatory steps requiring you to provide different verification elements received through various channels that only you alone can have access to. This process will actually associate your app to your LuxTrust electronic identity that you were equipped with when you received your LuxTrust Token or Scan.

Your electronic identity is like a passport or ID card which helps you prove your identity in the online environment and thus enabling you to access services based on banking-grade security and legal standards. Sharing your LuxTrust codes and credentials with someone, including family members, could jeopardize your electronic identity, allowing that person to make use of it for his own benefit. We have recently put together a series of best practices to adopt that help you protect your electronic identity when using trust services and devices. Have a look here and here!

What is new?

The biggest novelty brought by this latest release is the Push Notification feature for transactions. It was introduced to facilitate exchanges when using a desktop computer or navigating on websites from a smartphone. For example, when you are about to shop online or connect on, you will receive a notification through the app asking to accept or cancel that respective operation. You will have the opportunity to review the details of the transaction and to validate it from smartphone, without scanning a QR code or using a Token to generate an OTP. This feature is supported by for the moment, but we are working to implement it with other partners.

The App2App and Scan modes remain available as well. As a quick reminder, App2App mode allows your e-banking app to communicate with LuxTrust mobile app in order to ease your log in and validate transactions. Scan mode is quite straightforward. By using LuxTrust Mobile camera function, you scan the QR Code displayed on the screen which will generate the OTP required to confirm transactions.

You can activate your LuxTrust Mobile app on a second device (like a tablet) and enable your TouchID or FaceID to unlock it, for more convenience. LuxTrust Mobile app ensures you will not miss any opportunity just because you do not have your Token or Scan on you. You can authenticate in a secure manner on our partner websites or app, confirm online transactions, fill in your tax returns online, or even sign documents electronically directly from and with your smartphone. Get started today and stay tuned for further updates.

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