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Introducing Digital Future – the first e-magazine on digital trust services

Launched at the beginning of April, Digital Future is the first e-magazine dedicated to digital trust services. It aims to provide readers with insights and reliable information about digital solutions and innovation. The webzine is the result of an InfoCert initiative in collaboration with Camerfirma, Sixtema and LuxTrust, four leading actors with a certified expertise on the eIDAS trust services market.

What will you find on Digital Future e-Magazine?

Leveraging their expertise on local markets, each of the contributors will bring every week relevant articles and topics that may serve public and private players operating on the global market.

We know that anything related to eIDAS trust services can easily go too technical, so we aim to make accessible and easy to understand all kind of information about strong authentication, electronic signature, electronic seal, cloud, timestamping, blockchain and cybersecurity etc.

Explaining regulatory and compliance issues is another focus area that we will develop on Digital Future e-Magazine. We will also showcase digital solutions and their applications that could serve as models for enterprises to automate and optimize their processes. You will also read news about the contributors, trends and our experts’ points of view.

The magazine addresses professionals and companies working in various sectors such as banking, insurance, telco, automotive, utilities, retail, pharma, public administrations to name a few. Consumers and private persons could also find information about digital identity and its role in enabling digital services.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about a topic of interest or looking for an expert view on a specific matter. Have a look at Digital Future e-Magazine here.

About the contributors

InfoCert (Tinexta Group) is the largest European certification authority, active in more than twenty countries. The company provides digitization, e-Delivery, digital signature and digital preservation of documents and is an AgID-accredited digital identity manager in the SPID (Public System for Digital Identity Management) system.

Camerfirma is one of the main Spanish Certification Authorities, providing technology information services. The company offers electronic certification, commercial, traffic information, and cloud based services. Camerfirma serves clients in Spain and South America.

Sixtema develops digital solutions capable of guaranteeing customer efficiency, integration and process management. Sixtema is the technological partner for SMEs, trade associations, professional firms, financial institutions and intermediaries.

LuxTrust is a leading provider of trusted services in Europe, a Certificate Authority and a qualified European trust service provider. Since 2005, the company has been developing a wide range of solutions to facilitate the digital transformation of organisations. Certified in accordance with the European eIDAS regulation and thus acting in compliance with the latest European regulations (DSP2, RGPD, ETSI, AML), LuxTrust provides services relating to the identification and authentication users, qualified timestamping, electronic signatures and seals.


Read Digital Future e-Magazine here.

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