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LuxTrust digital transformation services for hospitals, laboratories, and health organisations

The healthcare sector is not immune to digital transformation. Hospitals, laboratories, and health organisations have started to digitize their processes not only to boost efficiency, but also to improve the experience of their increasingly digital-savvy patients. In order to fully enjoy all the advantages of end-to-end digitisation, the healthcare providers must constantly ensure that patients’ data is protected and accessed only by authorised persons for agreed purposes.

Working with public health institutions, we are experienced in dealing with large volumes of sensitive data (laboratory test results, medical history, and other administrative clinical data). We provide personal data and consent management solutions as well as a large variety of Trust Services that facilitate data exchange and reusability while guaranteeing full GDPR and eIDAS compliance.

When do you need a Trust Service Provider?

Implementing Strong Authentication in a user friendly environment

Distributing large quantities of medical analysis  and other sensitive information with an added level of security

Maximise digitalisation by integrating electronic signature

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Get strong authentication
in user friendly environment

Strong authentication for web applications can be accessed using the LuxTrust Mobile App and Scan devices.

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Secure your e-statement
with electronic seal

Whilst you move to the digital world and provide customers with e-statements and certificates

add an extra layer of security to guarantee their origin and integrity.

We have advanced and qualified e-seal that can be integrated seamlessly into your existing systems.

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Create a full digital user journey
with electronic signature

In the context of GDPR, you need to be able to prove the collection of qualified consent from customers or stakeholders for account opening, loans, etc.

We can help you to integrate qualified electronic signatures into your processes. These have the equivalence of handwritten signatures.

Are you interested to know more?

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