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Securing online banking is a central function for LuxTrust

Banking is in our DNA. We were founded by local banks and the Luxembourg state in the 1990s to provide a single national solution for exchanging data securely. Securing online banking is our core business, and we developed a number of new solutions to address the needs of new markets and regulatory demands. As an experienced and Qualified Trust Service Provider, we can help banks with their digital transformation.

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When do you need a Trust Service Provider?

For onboarding new customers you can’t meet face-to-face

For finding a PSD2-compliant solution that enables authentication with dynamic linking to access your web banking platforms and to perform transactions securely

For adding an additional security layer when distributing e-statements in order to guarantee their origin and their integrity

For collecting qualified consent from customers or stakeholders in the context of GDPR for loans, account opening, etc.

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Onboard customers

In a global and digital world, your customers can be anywhere. As a financial organisation, you may have to onboard new customers living abroad whilst respecting latest regulations.

We can support you with remote identification processes which are equivalent to face-to-face identification.

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PSD2- compliant web-banking

The EU Payment Service Directive (PSD2) came into force in 2018 with the goal to facilitate innovative solutions, and to improve and reduce the cost of transactions and services.

Among other measures, strong authentication needs to be implemented. LuxTrust can provide you with two solutions compliant with PSD2 : RTS Strong Customer Authentication and dynamic linking.

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Secure your e-statement
with electronic seal

Whilst you move to the digital world and provide customers with e-statements and certificates, it is best to add an extra layer of security to guarantee their origin and integrity.

We have developed advanced and qualified e-seal solutions that can be integrated seamlessly into your existing systems.

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Create a full digital user journey
with electronic signature

In the context of GDPR, you need to be able to prove that customers or stakeholders gave their qualified consent for account opening, loans, etc.

We can help you integrate qualified electronic signatures into your processes. Qualified electronic signatures are equivalent to handwritten signatures.

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