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A bit more about… COSI, our e-signature platform

If you watched or attended one of our webinars on electronic signatures, you had most likely witnessed a demo of the main features of our e-signature platform and trust services hub, COSI. Thanks to our attendees’ inquiries during the Q&A sessions at the end of the webinars, we have managed to put together a set of information about COSI that you would not find on a standard landing page.

If you want to watch the recordings of webinars in full, they are available online on our LuxTrust webinar channel.

What types of documents are accepted on the platform? Does it manage only PAdES?

Our e-signature platform supports all the documents in the Office suite (Word, Excel, etc.), PDFs, images or binary data. You can select between CAdES, XAdES or PAdES as your e-signature format. We usually use for demo purposes the PAdES format since this is the type of document most often integrated into the e-signature processes.

With what types of e-signature (besides the certificate-based signatures) can a user sign in COSI?

COSI handles all types of e-signature from simple to qualified. So, a user can sign electronically without necessarily being equipped with a certificate or an electronic identity. In COSI, it is also possible to achieve an advanced signature level by combining verified elements of the user’s identity that will be cryptographically linked to the document the user signs.

I already have in place an internal workflow within my company document management system. I would like to use COSI only for a qualified or advanced signature. Is this possible using the API? Do I also have to report a workflow in COSI?

You can create and manage the workflow directly from your document management system application. A set of native APIs is available to create and launch a signature session, but LuxTrust can also create a connector according to the functional specifications of your DMS.

For reasons of confidentiality, is it possible to send only the structure of the e-signature to LuxTrust for validation? If yes, how does it work?

Yes, this is possible. In fact, all of LuxTrust’s services used to create, increase or validate documents, propose:

  • a “fully delegated” operation mode that requires the client to send the entire document AND/OR
  • “partially delegated” operation mode which allows the client to keep the document within the company and send to LuxTrust only the metadata needed to provide the service.

This last mode of operation is up to client’s choice and is perfectly adequate to guarantee the confidentiality of the documents processed.

Should you have any other inquiries regarding e-signatures and our COSI e-signature platform, do not hesitate to send us your message here.



Disclaimer: The above represents LuxTrust’s understanding of the relevant law or regulation and should not be taken, relied on or interpreted as a legal opinion. Customers are encouraged to seek independent legal advice before acting on this information.

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