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23/04/2020 – Webinar: Discover electronic signatures and their eIDAS complementary solutions

Thanks to their multiple benefits and a clearer, more favourable legal framework, electronic signatures are on the point of becoming mainstream. More and more businesses adopt them in order to digitize their paper workflows and some countries even set it as prerequisite for accessing public tenders.

But did you know that electronic signatures have “an expiration date”? What does this mean for your electronically signed documents? How could you manage the associated risks and conserve your digital documents for longer periods of time?

These are just some of the touchy questions we will answer in our webinar “Discover electronic signatures and their eIDAS complementary solutions”.

The webinar will take place on Thursday 23 April 2020 between 11 am and 11:45 am CEST. It will be held in French.

Should you wish to attend, please register here.

What will you learn during this webinar on electronic signatures?

After a quick overview of the European legal framework and available electronic signature levels, we will present you the solutions available now to enhance an electronic signature so that your digital documents remain compliant, secured and valid over longer periods of time. Then, we will discuss their implementation along with that of electronic signature into your business systems. You will also experience first-hand typical electronic signature workflows.

Main topics:

  • Electronic signatures: what are their main benefits for your business?
  • Understanding the eIDAS electronic signature levels and their associated legal value
  • How to strengthen your electronic signature using timestamping
  • Managing risks: ensuring electronic signature validation
  • How to implement e-signature and its complementary solutions into your organisation
  • Q&A


Astrid Clausse
Directrice commerciale, LuxTrust France

Anne Reuland
Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer, LuxTrust

Aurélie Bayard
Head of Presales, LuxTrust

Thomas Kopp
Chief Scientist, LuxTrust


Do you need to brush up on your knowledge about eIDAs electronic signatures? Then, check out our newly-released whitepaper available here

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